Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Post Fourteen: Meow

We CANNOT believe that not only is this day fourteen of Patty's challenge but that this is also the first time we've (the cats) even heard about it! Patty said that that was because we spend all of our time napping, snoozing and snoring. We take offence. Didn't we bring a small, half dead mouse to the back deck a few weeks ago as a token of our affection? Haven't we grabbed birds out of the air to show off our prowess? What's a cat got to do in this house to gain some notoriety fame?

The summer has been great. Patty and the other smaller humans have been letting us outside a lot. Patty says that she is worried about us being outside. She is concerned about those fast, loud things called V-E-H-I-C-L-E-S and that one of them could hit us. That fear hasn't stopped us from escaping or extending our territory across the road so Patty has put something called a 'moratorium' on our outside escapades. We're not sure what 'moratorium' means but we're pretty sure it's bad news as we haven't been allowed outside for a couple of weeks. Not that we haven't escaped; the smaller humans aren't as quick to scare us away as the bigger ones.

There is nothing like some fresh air to roam about in. We love it here. The undergrowth below the evergreens in the back yard provides the perfect shelter and skulking grounds. There's nothing like some good skulking to make you feel alive. You should try it some time! It's not hard at all. It helps to have a tail and four legs but, you know, those challenges aside you would have some great fun we are sure.

Angel and I aren't really speaking to each other any better than usual but we did decide to collaborate on this particular mission. We called it Operation Get To Know Us. Catchy isn't it?!? I'm doing the typing (Bella) and Angel is keeping an eye out for Patty. Luckily she's upstairs working on her continual obsession to 'keep the kitchen counters clean' which, frankly, is always a disappointment when we're checking out the boundaries at night and there are no tasty leftovers to snack on on the counter tops and the potpourri of drying food on the countertops isn't there to make us feel alive. Sigh.

Anyways, must go. Life is a busy thing in this oversized house cage. Got things to do and hair balls to cough up (well, Angel does).


Bella and Angel

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  1. Great job, Bella and Angel I am sure Patty will appreciate your efforts to help her with her articles everyday!