Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day Seven: Felted Fun

One of the things that spoiled me when we lived in Kanata, ON was the access we had to everything and anything. Quilting classes, knitting classes, knitting speakers, fibre festivals, quilting groups, quilting bus tours, quilting charity groups, decorative painting classes, sewing classes, not to mention quilting stores, fabric stores and yarn stores and on and on and on. It was heaven.

In my area of Newfoundland and Labrador, I am blessed to be close to some of the most plentiful yarn and fabric stores in any one area and I am grateful for that. The economy in our province is on a low right now, however, and that means some of my favourite stores are either having to close or running the risk of closing. As a craftsperson and artist, I find that fact very, very disturbing. Although the Internet has made online shopping and accessibility to arts and craft supplies easier, there is nothing like walking into a shop and speaking to the sales person about the products they sell.

One of our local gems of a fabric and yarn shop is Fiberlilly.

It's a small area stuffed with goodness and everyone who works there is knowledgeable and friendly. I decided to sign up for a needle felting course and, with the help of my babysitting brother (and thanks to D who was my original Plan A!), managed to get out for a 7:00 - 9:30 PM class.

I've been wanting to take a needle felting course for awhile now. I'm interested in its application for adding texture to my hooked rugs and as well as making some of the wee creatures you can make with needle felting have stolen my heart (Google needle felted border collies or sheep or gnomes or...)!

Last night, we felted wee pumpkins with faces.

It was amazingly frustrating to be at the beginning of a learning curve for me for a change and I really enjoyed it once I relaxed a bit. I was determined to finish one pumpkin last night.

And I did.


Meet Granpump!
Granpapump is under construction!


  1. Awesome! I'll take a golden retriever please 😆

  2. Awesome! I'll take a golden retriever please 😆

  3. You may have to wait several years, Karen!