Thursday, October 5, 2017

Four Boys and a NL Girl in Ireland - Episode 27

This podcast was taped during my recent trip to Ireland for Atlantic Knitscape - a knitting and crocheting retreat - from September 21 - 28th, 2017. I was lucky enough to partner with Catherine Hastings, the genius and host behind Knitscape, for this podcast. Lucky luck!

We talked about:

Kate from Hawthorn Cottage Craft's lovely project bags (Hi, Kate!)

Catherine showed off her gorgeous second rendition of Joji Locatelli's Pure Joy shawl using yarn from Strand Designs and Urban GypZ yarn.

We showed off our Close to You shawls from Lete's Knits, a free pattern on Ravelry. Mine was knit in Strand Designs fingering weight 'Wild Atlantic' colour way and Catherine's was knit in Dublin Dye Company's merino sock yarn in the colour way 'Powerscourt'.

I spoke about my on going Madewell Cardigan by Joji Locatelli (paid pattern on Ravelry) using Smith and Ewe's Maryanne's socks yarn in 'Borealis'.

I showed off my progress on my pen pal Victoria's (from the Victoria Knits podcast) shortie socks using Krityum Handmade's Toe Up Sock Recipe, a paid pattern on Ravelry.

I also showed the hat that I'm knitting using a new style of knitting called 'Russian Speed Knitting' that I learned from an Atlantic Knitscape participant. I was supposed to be using Knitting Expat's new Seeded Path Collection but I've changed to a simple vanilla hat pattern that I'm making up as I go along and am knitting in Estelle Chunky in a cream colour.

Catherine showed off her vanilla sock using Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy yarn.

Catherine also showed her finished Pure Joy shawl knit in Irish Fairy Tale yarns in a navy and another hand dyed yarn. She also showed a plain vanilla sock knit in a speckles and stripes yarn by Strand Designs Ireland as well.


Both Catherine and I (and another friend, Siobhan) were lucky enough to score a skein each of a brand new Indie dyer in Ireland's yarn - Babbles Yarns (Grace) in a merino single, colour way 'Inishturk'.

I then showed the yarn that I intend to use for a Chateau Rouge shawl - a paid pattern on Ravelry. I bought Babbles Yarn in 'Storm Cloud' and two Merino Nep Strand Designs yarns in 'Magenta' and 'Charcoal'.

I then showcased two more skeins that I hope to knit into yet another Pure Joy shawl - 'Old Town' by Babbles Yarns and 'Beachcomber' by Strand Designs.

I showed off two wool/alpaca and a wool/silk blend that I won at the Knitscape raffle Saturday night. Sadly, these yarns are no longer available.

Thanks so much for joining me on my Irish adventure!

XO Patty

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Episode 26

Taped on a beautiful sunny day from my front deck (bridge we call it here;)!):

Showed off the beautiful socks that Victoria, my pen pal who is from the Victoria Knits podcast, knit for me using the Hermoine's Everyday Socks pattern on Ravelry (free pattern download).

HO alert! Showed off the first of a pair of shortie socks that I'm knitting for my pen pal friend Victoria in Patons Kroy (toes, heel and cuff) in the Sherbet colour way and using H'Ewe Phoria yarn from Ontario, Canada.

Showed off SS's sock cards from Krityum Handmade.

SS also gave a copy of her newest pattern - the Tircha Shawl Recipe on Ravelry - to my podcast viewers. Go to Ravelry under the Tircha Shawl pattern giveaway thread under the Four Boys and a NL Girl Podcast group to enter your chance to win a copy of this lovely pattern! This pattern is also currently ON SALE until September 20, 2017 for 25% off in case you want to gift it to a friend!

I talked about two new to me podcasts that I've been enjoying: Dag from the Dag Byrd (Ziawoolz) podcast and Kay and Tom Jones from The Bakery Bears podcast.

And, last but not least, I talked a bit about my new Etsy shop where I now sell cross stitch kits and digital patterns inspired by the landscape and architecture of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Podcast Episode 25

The end of our summer holidays and the first week of school!

No FO's! Boo...!


Easy Garter Stitch 4 Patch Baby Blanket - free pattern on Ravelry. Knitting using two Caron Cakes in  Rainbow Sherbet 17023 and Faerie Cake 17010 using vintage 6 mm needles.

Talked about my pen pal Victoria from the Victoria Knits podcast. Go check her podcast out! She is so sweet!

The pen pal group is hosted by Paws 4 Stitches, Candy, and Jenny from Lucky Jenny Knits. Both of these lovely ladies host podcasts by those names so be sure to check them out too though it's too late to sign up for the pen pal program.

I showed off my progress on my shortie socks for my pen pal using Patons Kroy in Sherbet (toes, heels and cuffs) and using H'Ewe Phoria yarn, a Canadian indie dyed yarn  (Rhonda Kellett on Instagram) in the colour way 'Hot Diggity.'

Showed off my Molly Klein Designs bag where my Madewell Cardigan, paid pattern by Joji Locatelli, is housed. I'm using Smith and Ewe yarn in the Borealis colour way using two different dye lots.

Stash Enhancement:

I showed off four gorgeous skeins of yarn from the lovely Yarn Enabler, Amanda. The first two skeins are in the colour way 'Northern Lights' on her sparkle base. The next skein and mini is her 'Not Your Mother's Sock Monkey' set. The final skein of yarn was a gift from Amanda (that I'm going to keep. Bad Patty!) in the colour way 'Fall Into It' which is a new colour way for her. It might be available at the Kitchener-Waterloo Fibrefest coming up this weekend.

Now, lets see when Youtube will upload this episode! Overnight I hope!

Chat soon!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Podcast Episode 24

Hi there! I'm back! Here are my show notes for Episode 24 taped on Father's Day, June 18, 2017 all about my recent trip to Toronto, Ontario:

I showed my Canada 150 inspired needle minder (that I also use to hold my rug hooking hook and embroidery scissors) from Paula at Kelmscott Designs and available through

The first yarn store I visited was Yarns Untangled where I bought two skeins of handed yarn from Riverside Studio, a Canadian indie dyer in Wakefield, Quebec. I purchased her 80/20 SW merino/nylon sock yarn in the 'Creek' (the one for my husband) and 'Little Burgundy' (the one for me) colour ways.

The next day I headed off to two more yarns shops but only talked about one of them in this podcast - Ewe Knits! I LOVED Ewe Knits!

Lovely fairly traded project bag sewn by Madres Salters for Ewe Knits.

Book on felting is called 'Felt With Love' by Madeleine Millington (Search Press) also purchased at Ewe Knits.

Two sheets of wooden felt were purchased at Ewe Knits.

Grace Handwarmers kit (free pattern) by Ewe Knits in Lang Cashmere premium chocolate (067) and aqua (172).

Muskoka Shawl (free pattern) by Ewe Knits in Blue Sky Fibres Wolstock Worsted yarn in colours Storm Cloud, Cast Iron, Earth Ivy and Golden Meadow.


I did this podcast backwards and showed my WIPS last!

First up was my The Age of Brass and Steel (free pattern) shawl knit in Legacy Fiber Artz colour way 'Four Main Food Groups' a Christmas  colour way inspired by the movie 'Elf'.

Secondly were my husband's socks knit using Susan B. Anderson's Smooth Operator socks (paid pattern). I managed to fix and finish both after thought heels!

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Podcast Episode 23

This week I talk about:

Finding me on Ravelry at 4boysandanlgirl
Ravelry Group Thread for the podcast: Four Boys and a NL Girl Podcast
Instagram: fourboysandanlgirl


Dishcloths! Easy pattern (from the ball band) also found at the Sweet Bee Buzzings Blog. Using Bernat dishcloth cotton yarn.


Yarn used: Norah George Hand Dyed Luxury Yarn on her Blenheim Base Colourway: Fleur Delacour

Auspice Shawl by Lisa Mutch (paid pattern)

Held in my purple gnome pattern bag from Strand Designs Ireland.

Travel News:

Visiting Toronto and Kingston, Ontario from June 8 - 13, 2017
Atlantic Knitscape September 22, 2017 weekend (in Ireland from September 22 - 28th, 2017)

Crafty Spring Make Along OVER tomorrow, May 31, 2017! Thanks so much for joining us. Last minute additions to mine and Barbara's (Knitting I Love podcast) Ravelry threads.

Presents from Viewers:

Sheep sock bag from Knit2Scrap2 in Manitoba (The Knit2Scrap2 Store Inc. on Facebook)

Knitting pin from Stash Yarn Lounge in Calgary, Alberta.

Tea cup progress keeper and stitch markers from YarnCandyStudio.

Lavender soap from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

Huge pom pom by Bernat from the Prairie Lily Knitting shop.

Selection of teas.

Gradient sock kit from Hiloris Yarnorium from Manitoba.

BFL fingering weight yarn from Flock Fibre Yarns from Alberta, Colourway: Sunset Soon Forgotten.

Thanks SO MUCH, C in MB!


Lovely minis, Fantastic Beasts pin, Lion Brand Measuring tape, and wooden puzzle barrel. Thank YOU SO MUCH, R in NJ!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 22 Podcast Show Notes

Hi there! I'm baaacccckkkkk;)!

In the podcast I mentioned:

Joanna (aka OperaJo) from the Stitching the High Notes podcast

Bernat dishcloth pattern: Basic Knit Dishcloth

Gorgeous draw string sock bag with cups of cocoa material by Lynne from her SunshineandBubblegum Etsy shop. Check out her Sunshine and Bubblegum podcast too!

Kayleen from the LittleBeanCrochet shop on Etsy collaborated with Lynne to create this beautiful bag and yarn set (yarn not shown) around Christmas 2016 time frame. Stay tuned to both of them for future collaborations!


Brattleboro Hat by Melissa LaBarre found in the New England Knits book in collaboration with Cecily Glowick MacDonald. Great book of patterns!

Yarn used for the Brattleboro Hat is from Sweet Fiber yarns from British Columbia, Canada. This is their merino DK in the Spanish Coin colour way.

Mentioned wanting a sweater's quantify of Sweet Fiber yarn in the Spanish Coin colour way for the Middlefield Pullover by Melissa LaBarre in the same New England Knits book above.

Next WIP in my Molly Klein Designs sweater sized bag.

Madewell Cardigan by Joji Locatelli. Gorgeous pattern but I'm ruining it!

Using Smith & Ewe yarn from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada in her Borealis colour way on Maryanne's Socks base.

Showed off my Close to You shawl by Lete's Knits (free pattern).

I ordered from more skeins of the same colour way as in my Close to You shawl from Strand Designs Ireland in the Wild Atlantic colour way. LOVE them! One to knit for a friend and one to use as an eventual podcast give away.

The beautiful project bag also came from Strand Designs as did the progress keeper and stitch markers.

Cross stitch kit 'Believe' designed by Mary Engelbreit found via Ebay.

This week's footage from Cape Spear, NL, the most Easterly point in North America.

But, with the camera cutting out all the time, I forgot to mention mine and Barbara's (from Knitting I love Podcast) Crafty Spring MAL on until the end of May 2017! Follow our threads in Ravelry for details and to join and post your projects.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day Eight: Why Start a Podcast?

Some of my long time readers might be wondering where this idea to start a podcast came from so I thought I'd write a little about that.

I only started listening to podcasts at the end of the 2016 school year just after I'd been reading Sandra's Cherry Heart blog (which I highly recommend!) and her post talking about the Legacy Knit's podcast and Sue's 'stitching revolution'. You can read Sandra's post here. I was cross stitching again and feeling like everyone I knew had cross stitched years ago but had given it up besides myself and one close friend of mine (Hi, L!). So, I looked up the podcast and had a listen and, behold! A fan was born! I loved it! I loved hearing about their knitting and stitching projects and I loved their mother and daughter interaction (Sue and her daughter Chelsea co-host the Legacy Artz podcast). From there I looked into other podcasts that they mentioned and found myself down a rabbit hole and into a land that I had no idea existed.

The same thing happened to me about ten years ago when I found The Yarn Harlot's blog and, as a result, I started my blog Fibreholic. I found a community of like minded people that lived and breathed the making/crafting life that I too aspire to and manage to live some (most) days. 

It's hard to believe I wrote my first blog post ten years ago. Many, MANY knitting and crafting blogs have come and gone in that period of time and certainly my own two blogs have had times of empty but I've always come back to it. I love writing and this interactive, electronic community is something that I love and am continually inspired by.

So, I decided that if I'd had the nerve to write my first blog post ten years ago and look how much I've gained from that experience, then I could take a leap of faith and start a podcast too. Podcasting is a little more real, a little more raw and shows you a different side of personal that a written blog offers. Yes, I can get more intimate here on the blog than I'm likely to get on the podcast as my written voice is sometimes a quicker route to my soul but here there is some anonymity in that you can't actually see or hear me and I can edit out a sentence or paragraph that is too raw. With the podcast, my accent, my baby weight (can you call it that after your last baby is now five years old?!?), my double chins are there for all to see. Frankly, the first two podcasts were terrifying.

But, like most leaps of faith I've taken once I've forced myself over that hump of fear, I'm loving the experience. I'm meeting new people from all over the world. Like minded people like me. Some with children, some without, some with three (and four!) boys and some with three and four cats and dogs. It doesn't matter; somehow my little podcast is resonating with people and I am so happy about that.

There you have it - why I started a podcast. And the experience has been so good.