Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day Twenty-Eight: Moving Right Along

Where is the time going? I can't believe I have only three days left of this challenge! And I'm doing it too! Yeah me!!!! I also cannot believe it's almost Halloween! EEEK! That means pumpkin carving, an all day community craft market (another Steeped Tea table for me) and trick or treating all in one day. DH will be in charge of pumpkin carving this year.

So, how are things out there? Things here are moving along well here despite that nasty migraine that knocked me off my feet for two days. Ugh. DH came home with a new microwave today - yehaw! That was a pleasant surprise over the lunch hour. We are very lucky in that DH makes it home for lunch most days of the week. It's particularly nice when he comes home carrying a surprise!

I am working away at the cowl I mentioned a post or two back.

This picture best shows the actual yarn colour.
Slow to be sure but progress.

I love the look of seed stitch which the majority of this cowl is knit in. Such a lovely texture. It's not my favourite stitch to knit though as I have to keep looking at what I'm doing versus reading a book or watching a show. I know, poor me right?!? 

The yarn I'm using is Madelinetosh Vintage and the colour is likely 'Well Water' but I'm not sure as I threw out the label already. It's a gorgeous yarn to work with and I can't wait to wash and block this baby to see how soft it's going to turn out. It's a present for a man so I'm hoping it looks at least a little masculine??? I bought the yarn at my local Cast On, Cast Off yarn shop.

And there's nothing like knitting with wooden needles is there? These are a KnitPicks set from Fiberlilly. Yum!

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  1. Beautiful project! I will be sorry to see this challenge come to an end even if I occasionally miss a few and have to have a marathon to catch up. As always you are an inspiration!