Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day Twenty-Nine: A Large Day

Twenty nine days in and I'm struggling with content again. It's certainly been a month of crafting, sharing, revealing, and laughing - most days;)! I've really enjoyed the daily chat with you and wish so many of you could drop by for a cup of tea with me! Seeing as a lot of you are some ways away, consider this blog our little chat room and please continue to let me know what you think of it and any suggestions you have for future posts (yes, M, the bottle tree!) or improvements.

Today was a large day as far as the boys are concerned. The stuff of every boy child's (big and small) dreams was delivered early this morning.

Time to get serious about the back yard garden. Yes, we know that it's fall. Yes, we know that we've already had two hard frosts but, there are some jobs that you Just. Want. Done.

The triangular apparatus is DH's soil sifter. This is a pre-excavator picture.

Despite, the frosts, Angel Face is STILL blooming!

DH got right to work. He and the delivery dude decided that he should have requested a tractor/bucket combo versus the excavator but, it was too late by then so he started at it anyways. 

I thought that the fact he could move it forwards and backwards was pretty impressive. The fact that he had bucket control too? Amazing! 

He mainly used the excavator as a giant sifting assistant which saved him and his back weeks of doing it himself (not to mention two seasons).

And post excavation. Houston, we have a mess. Naturally, all four boys are delighted!

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  1. and you....are you as delighted! Thanks for sharing and I am enjoying a coffee with you this morning!