Friday, October 9, 2015

Day Nine: Reading Ideas

My taste in books is pretty unique. I prefer fiction, science fiction and fantasy specifically, love a good murder mystery and don't mind some 'brain candy' romance to spice things up. I also love teen fiction, young adult and have a fairly extensive collection of children's books that are mine and not for the boys.

I started wondering what I have read over the past year. I read most of my books on my iPhone using our local library e-book app. That way I don't pay overdue fees and have access to a fairly good list of new releases and classics. As you can imagine, I have very little time to even enjoy a book these days so my book reading stints are usually short and intense. Luckily, I am a very fast reader and a poor house keeper.

Here is a list of some authors I have enjoyed in 2015:

Nora Roberts - for good, light reading, I turn to Roberts. The woman is a writing superstar. She is so prolific that her publishers often have three or four books a year in the vault awaiting publishing. Those are in addition to the four or five that are published each year, she is that fast. I find Roberts to be a huge inspiration for someone who would like to write full-time for a living. Her best advice for writing a book/short story/blog post? Park your arse in the chair and start typing. I like to think she'd applaud the 31 day challenge.

Kathy Reichs - told you I loved a good murder mystery. I loved Temperance Brennan before the hit TV series became so popular and continue to prefer the 'Bones' of the books versus the TV series (though I do like the series too). I love Reichs' attention to detail and I love how Tempe is so affected by the bones she helps find stories for.

Nalini Singh - Right into the realms of vampires, angels and archangels, Singh is pure escapism. At least I'm pretty sure we don't live in a world alongside vampires... Her powerful female characters are inspiring.

Kelley Armstrong - Armstrong is awesome. I love both her adult and young adult fiction. 'Bitten' was my introductory book to this author and I was hooked. Mind you, you need to like werewolves, vampires and a necromancer or two to get into her writing. I am trying to read everything that she's even written, I enjoy her writing that much. And? She's Canadian!

I also really enjoy writing based on a dystopian futures. I've read Joelle Charbonneau's 'The Testing', which is the first book in her Testing series and really enjoyed it. There seems to be a theme to my literature enjoyment in that, once again, this book centres around a strong female lead.

More into fantasy is Sara Rassch and 'Snow Like Ashes' the first in what I'm hoping will be a lengthy series. This is a teen fantasy fiction at its finest and both DH and I enjoyed this book after I made him download it and read it too.

Nevada Barr - I worked at a Terra Nova National Park as a lifeguard for two summers and I love how Barr's heroine (yep, another female lead) moves from national park to national park. Apart from the murders (I wouldn't do well with the real version of those), her obvious knowledge of the US national park systems is entertaining as well as her very likeable, fallible heroine.

Elly Griffiths - Griffiths is a UK writer and I've read all she's written so hope for more to come soon. Her murder mysteries centre around a forty something female archaeologist (I have a soft spot for archaeologists probably because Hairy Brother is one) and forensic archaeology. I can't wait to see where this series goes and wish the library had more e-books from Griffiths.

Not a bad list on a whim. How about you? What have you been reading this year?

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