Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day Seventeen: A Bit of Nonsense

Day seventeen arrived with glee
And Patty dreaded to go and see
What blog post idea was written down
Upon a list so yellowed and brown.

To keep her readers attention span
Was proving to be a difficult plan
And Patty wrung her hands and dried her eyes
Wondering how the next post could be a surprise.

When what to her wondering eyes did appear
But a new and improved list
Placed upon the arm of a chair.

The ideas were marvellous and a wonder
And all of them made Patty ponder.
Would her readers like to see
Stories about her bottle tree?

How about another entry from the cats?
They really are the family's brats!
Perhaps a list of Christmas movies
Might make the blog look quite groovy.

A series of goals for the week
Might make the commenters sit up and speak.
Quotes from the children or a tutorial
Might make her readers editorial.

But instead she decided to put hand to pen
And write a little, then more again.
Because that challenge was more than enough
To make Patty huff and puff.

And hopefully the blog's readers would come to see
That what was written was composed happily.
For the act of writing a post everyday
Is an act of courage and and a blogs mainstay.

So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart
That you've stuck with me though in time we will part
Because I'm not sure I can keep up this challenge's plan
But I will try hard to stay as long as I can.

Patty 2015

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  1. Love your creativity and I love this pattern that you have here....shall I send you my mailing address so you can send me a pair?