Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day Ten: Where is the Time Going?

Now that the birthday parties are over (at least until November) I'm starting to think about Halloween. Historically, I've made most of the boys' costumes and I thought it would be neat to use the blog to act as a repository of the past eight years of costumes.

I've been wanting to create a family Halloween banner using this printable for some time. I even have the banner printed and laminated already. So the following compilation is a great start to getting my banner up this year.

2007 - no formal costume for this three month old cutie but I did knit his hat and the onesie was just too appropriate not to wear Halloween night when we handed out treats.

2008 - I made this panda costume using in hearted and gorgeous coat material for the black fur. This costume is going to have to go to someone very special as a hand me down. The fur meant that this was also one very HOT costume to wear. Just a diaper under the costume and Eldest was more than warm enough for Nova Scotia's fall weather.

2009 - The only year I didn't contribute at all to the costumes. We'd moved back to NL with a two year old and a newborn and into my parents house (bless them) and we were still desperately searching for a new home when Halloween rolled around. We spent it in Gander Bay visiting relatives.

2010 -  Back on the ball (and settled into our new house), another costume was sewn up. Only one as Middlest was now old enough to wear a panda hand me down. Eldest is a polar bear.

2011 - Another year that I considered a Halloween 'fail' at the time. Now I look back and realize that I made a costume for one boy with a newborn in the house while I was recovering from an emergency C-section and Youngest's traumatic entrance into the world. At the time, I was wracked with guilt that I didn't get the second beaver costume made (Eldest had decided both he and Middlest would be beavers. Midwest was yet too young to have any opinion other than to make his big brother happy). Looking back, I think I was pretty amazing actually. The second beaver costume is still in pieces in my craft room...

2012 - Two costumes made this year and one hand me down. Recognize it? Eldest decided that both he and Middlest should be bats. Too cute.

The family resemblance in these panda costumes is striking, no?
2013 - Year of the tiger. We have one cave man and two tigers. Luckily, only two costumes to make as Youngest fit into a store bought one I'd found years earlier.

2014 - Around this time, I decided not to publish pictures of the boys on the blog. They are getting bigger, getting more interested in what a blog is and, sadly, it might be an unsafe world out there. In 2014, Eldest and Middlest were very scary vampires (store bought capes and make up) and Youngest was the cutest doggy ever. I made his costume.

And 2015? Youngest wants to be a doggie again. Eldest is using a store bought cape and Mommy will do his make up to look like Darth Sidious. Middlest wants to be a zombie so I guess we will head to a second hand store for clothes that I can tear up and, er, mutilate. Easy peasy...

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