Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day Twenty: The 2015 Tea Tour

Day twenty of this challenge! Can you believe it!?! Me neither. It's been fun actually. I love to write. Even if I'm struggling to find subject matter and some of my blog posts are silly, I am really enjoying the 'forced' time writing and the opportunity to stretch my writing muscles.

I own a tea business. I don't talk about it often on the blog because I don't want it to be a forum for selling tea but I'm going to talk about it a bit today. Yes, I own my own direct sales tea business with Steeped Tea and if you want any further information about that, check out my other website here.

Last night, Tonia Jahshan, the founder of Steeped Tea, was in St. John's, NL for the second time as part of her 2015 Fall cross Canada and USA Tea Tours. It was a blast. Well over 100 people in the room with lots and lots of TEA and food. Honestly, it was like heaven but in high heels. Consultants wore fascinators (something like these only not so fancy) and we gave away lots of prizes. The energy in the room was electric.

Tonia's Steeped Tea story is really inspiring and she is a great example of a Canadian entrepreneur. She is also a very entertaining speaker as well as a warm, friendly and really fun individual. All in all, it was a great night. The turn out was excellent considering it was also the night of the 2015 Federal Election here in Canada.

Here are some pictures of the tables we set up Sunday night in preparation for Monday's Tea Tour.

Like most Direct Sales companies, Steeped Tea offers fundraising opportunities for local community groups.

This is the layout of what is included in a starter kit for new consultants. This year is Steeped Tea's 10th year in business and, to celebrate, the incentive trip for consultants is Maui, Hawaii. That is why 'Betsy' (my dress form generously given to me by my friend ML several years ago) made her first public modelling appearance.

And this was the hot and cold tea bar.

My feet hurt and I was really tired but it really was a great night and worth every minute of it.