Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day Eighteen: When He Goes, Something Goes With Him

DH just got back from another trip overseas. I am really please by how the ten days went and, by and large, the boys were both excellent in behaviour and health. Can you hear the angels singing???

However, something must still go wrong when DH is away. Usually it's vehicle trouble (e.g. dead battery, flat tire, frozen doors), snow storm problems (e.g. &^%$# show blower!) or family illness. This time, the microwave died.

I remember back to the time before DH and I owned a microwave from 1994 to 1998. Four years of planning to take frozen meat out the night before or, more often, thawing it in warm water the day of. Four years of reheating our lunches in the oven. We seemed to managed just fine.

Our first microwave was purchased in 1998 when we moved to Germany. I don't remember thinking we needed one at the time but my FIL and MIL decided we did and that was their present to us in our new home. Gradually, it has become an important appliance. Especially where my tea drinking is concerned.

I rarely have a warm cup of tea the first time around. In fact I'm so used to drinking luke warm tea that I have to leave my just poured tea quite awhile before its cooled down enough for me to drink it. It is not beyond the realm of possibility for me to reheat a cup of tea three times before I get to that final, satisfying dose. Three times is really hard when your microwave is not working. I've had to get a pot out to warm my favourite hot beverage.

DH is back now. Time to get a new microwave.


  1. Patty I would not have lasted nearly as long! Thanks for another great post