Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Twenty-Six: Brussel Sprouts

I used to hate brussel sprouts with a passion. I remember them being repugnant little balls of grossness as a child (that's what I called them!). Luckily, Baldy brother loved them and, rather than risk a beating by his older sister, would graciously take them from me under the table (literally). So began my avoidance of the wee little cabbages.

Something happened last year though. I was reading through a Canadian Living magazine and it had a recipe for baked brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar, garlic and pancetta. I couldn't stop thinking about them and the fact that it had been years since I'd tried the little beasts. Maybe my taste buds had changed? So, for Christmas dinner no less, I not only tried out a new recipe but tried a food I'd been avoiding for, ahem, forty years.

I generally consider myself to be an adventurous eater. I love curries and sushi, paela and spanikopida and just about any other food I've tried. Except turkey. I'm still not a fan though I will now eat it if I'm forced to instead of finding myself green and gagging in a corner. Poor DH rarely gets turkey in this house so he loves it when the whole family comes together for large holiday meals when he has the possibility of getting turkey.

But I digress. Ah yes, the humble brussel sprout. Well, there's some baking in the oven as I type and I cannot wait for supper. I can't find the exact recipe that I found that night but this one is close! And I'm going to try it tomorrow night.


I apologize for this being posted late. I had it written but hadn't posted it and got hit by a migraine last night. Hopefully you can forgive me.

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  1. Dear God, I would never have thought it possible to like those horrible little green balls of whatever it is that seems to explode when you bite them and ahem its more than 40 years that I have managed to avoid those things! so happy eating!