Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day Twenty-Two: Finishing WIPs

I spent Wednesday craft morning at the St. John's MFRC finishing some WIPs (Works In Progress). What a great feeling.

A little of this.

Slippers for Middlest at his request.

A little of that.
A surprise peek.

Inspiration to finish these.

A pair!


Three finished crocheted projects in a row. Time for some knitting by the look of it...


  1. The slippers are awesome as are the fingerless mittens. I don't crochet or I would be wanting the pattern however if you had the minion slippers for knitting I would love the pattern! And great job again today! You make me smile

    1. Are you on, Karen? I'm sure you would find knitted minion slippers there! I'm glad I make you smile with my silliness!

  2. Hello Patty, oh my gosh, you can crochet! I've tried a few times but with absolutely disastrous Think I'll stick to needlepoint or cross stitch. Those slippers for middlest are fantastic, well, all the three projects are fantastic, but I think those minions guys are on my mind because I just saw two pumpkins painted up like that. Fantastic. I'll have to post some photos so you can see. :D

    1. Welcome, Veronica! So glad you've come to visit. And thanks for the compliments. Can't wait to see those pumpkins!