Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day Twenty-Seven: Keeping It Real

A friend of mine commented on the blog a few days ago about how I seem to get so much done and remain so positive. That gave me pause for thought. I too have read blogs (and stopped reading blogs for the same reason) that are almost sickeningly cheery and bright. The blogs where the model in the profile picture has seven children, is home schooling them all, makes all of their cleaning products by hand and is an interior designer according to the list of decorating tutorials they have listed on their front pages.

In an effort to keep this blog real, let's talk about a few other things in my life that rarely make it to the blog. The things I tend not to write about because I want my blog to be fairly upbeat when I go back and read it. The things that occasionally cause me guilt.

  • I live with depression. I'm pleased to say that this year, in this month I am living with depression and not being ruled by it which was not the case last fall. It's a nasty disease that I am learning how to manage and its main impact on my blog is when I'm really sick I can't write which = no blog posts.
  • I yell at my kids. Any day can become one of "those" days. I'm not proud of it and hearing the wailing of "Mommy's being mean!" does not brighten my day. However, I try and do my best every day and that's as good as it gets.
  • I use crafting as an anti depressant. When I'm creative, I simply feel better. I might try to OD on that drug occasionally;)!
  • My spouse travels. A lot. In the interest of safety, I don't publish on the blog when he is away but it is often for a week or two Each. Month. I find that very hard.
  • My family has been affected, like all families, with significant health issues that are my family's stories to tell and not mine. However, they do affect the day to day running of my household and I like to forget about them when I write a blog post.
  • My house is a continual mess. Seriously. I was anal about keeping it clean before kids and now I'm not keeping my head above water. I move along cleaning from room to room whilst a virtual tornado of boy follows me around. It gets me upset and down somedays but usually a good knitting/crocheting/crafting session will fix that.
So, there it is. Keeping it real, folks!


  1. You go Roomie! Always awesome is what you are.

  2. Depression! Say hello to my leetle friend!
    Wouldn't it be great if we could just fill it full of bullets and do away with it? You're doing great.

    1. Long time no hear! Welcome and yes, it would be a great disease to do away with. Hopefully it makes us stronger!