Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun for Some

Snow days are for the birds.
Snow days are fun for some (such as the boys that live at my house) and not so much fun for others (such as their mother). Here is what I learned from Friday morning's snow 'morning' (school was delayed two hours):

  1. When DH leaves for a business trip, we will have a storm.
  2. This particular storm was half snow and half rain. This is 'heart attack' snow.
  3. I didn't have a heart attack but part way through shovelling I did feel the need to reiterate to Eldest to call '911' if ever something should happen to me. I worry about that when DH is away for some reason. Especially when I'm on the drive way in my snow boots.
  4. I do not like shoveling snow. At. All. Friday morning's snow needed to be shoveled because it was the wet heavy kind. Which brings me to my next point.
  5. The snow blower doesn't seem to work well with heavy wet snow. I suspect it's a user problem as my neighbour was able to use his to good result. The fact that I don't really know how to use the snow blower when I really need it makes me mad. It remains to be seen if I'm mad enough to get more lessons from DH when he gets back. Darn snow blower.
  6. Trying to get up and down a long icy driveway pushing and pulling an uncooperative snow blower is not fun. I may have sworn. A lot.
  7. My children are fearless until they learn otherwise it seems. Me yelling at them to stay out of my way when I was using the snow blower because I don't know what I'm doing didn't scare them. Me actually using the thing must have put them over the edge though because I turned around at one point to find all three of them hiding in the trees next to the drive way.
  8. Having my seven year old ask if he should do the snow blowing instead of me is demeaning.
  9. A two hour late opening for school does not give a person a whole lot of time to clean a drive way and get a child to school. But I did it. It wasn't pretty.
  10. The Fitbit app does not allow you to log snow shovelling as a form of exercise. It should. It really should.
  11. 10:45 AM is too early to go back to bed when you still have a five and three year old racing around. I really, REALLY wanted to though. Darn it again.
I hope everyone else is having a nice Winter.

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