Friday, January 9, 2015

After A Storm

Yesterday was a wonderful snow day. Crazy busy with screaming children (for both good and naughty reasons), home baked chocolate chip cookies (used this recipe for the first time. Not too bad but I'm still seeking a 'best' cream cheese chocolate chip cookies recipe. Any suggestions that don't include chilling the dough two hours before baking?), "snow storming" (that's playing outside in the snow in Littlest's language - his new creative word for the day. He asked his brothers if they wanted to go "snow storming" with him and so they did) and general lazing about. We took down the living room Christmas tree and I was thrilled that Eldest in particular was home to do that. He struggles with changes and the transition from full on Christmas decorating to none is always easier if he is involved in the process. We leave our trees and holiday decorations up until Old Christmas Day (January 6th) and I waited a bit longer to start dismantling this year as the weather office was 'promising' a snow day. Luckily for me it worked out.

It took me all day to unravel another mistake I'd made in my knitting between the jigs and reels of the day. I had it fixed and then my needles disconnected from the cable and I lost a few stitches so had to catch them and frog (that's taking out your knitting painstakingly stitch by stitch for you non-knitters) a couple of rows back. Can you lock circular needles to their cables? Mine seem to unwind regularly.

Mudder, Fadder, Sister, Niece, my three boys and I were all at home sharing the snow day fun. Naturally, DH went off to work. We had a lot of snow fall but it was fairly windy so the main part of our lawn is barely covered and you can still see grass.

This morning, the world seemed whipped clear and we enjoyed a beautiful sun rise.

We are leaving our outside lights on for awhile yet. They are clear white and help me through the winter darkness. Neighbourhood rebels we are!

Foot patterns from sliding yesterday during the storm.

One of the reason's we were up early enough to enjoy the sunrise was that my sister and niece were off on their first of two flights back home. So, a sad morning from that perspective though we had a wonderful two weeks of intensive family time. I am hoping that Littlest and I can visit them in CO sometime in 2015. Fingers crossed.

Our beautiful Christmas tree got well covered by blowing snow.

We might have had a storm but our regular feathered visitors kept coming so much that I refilled the bird feeder yesterday. When you're that small, you have to eat to stay warm and alive. I love seeing their little tracks.

Winter magic.

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