Monday, January 12, 2015

Best Beachcombing Ever?

A couple of weeks before Christmas holidays when DH was in Abu Dhabi, Mudder and I ventured out for a visit to Middle Cove Beach with the boys. It was a gorgeous misty morning.

Buckets were essential to the adventure.

Rocks were chosen with precision and great concentration.

Rubber boots were also essential adventure equipment.

Watch those shaky rocks, Grandma!

"Mudder entranced by the beach."

I love beachcombing (and hate it when Auto Correct keeps making that into two words. Take this, Auto Correct!!!).
I love this one: "Middlest entranced by the sea."

The best foraged item for the whole day? Do you know what this is? No, nothing to do with fishing or sea faring but much to do with sea watching...

Anyone? It's one of these. Talk about the perfect beach combing day for a knitter.

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