Monday, January 5, 2015

Handmade Holiday

2014 marked a year of many changes as I suppose is usual for a family of three small children who seem to grow, change and yet stay the same every second of every day. One of the things that I really wanted to get back to doing for Christmas presents in 2014 was to start making more of them. Honestly, the past eight years since Eldest was born probably marks one of the longest stints I have ever gone without being regularly creative and my soul has gotten a bit brittle around the edges as a result. I have been making a concentrated effort to clear out our office and my craft room area. It will likely still take another year or so to get it into exactly the order I want but I did manage to clear out one side of the office room and paint one wall in December (because that's exactly the sort of thing your'e meant to do two weeks before Christmas and company coming, right?!?).

Anyways, now that the gifts have been given and received, I wanted to share some of the things I have worked on in 2014.

What started out as a $20 Kijiji find...

...turned into this French inspired end table.

I made a new felt mitten ornament during craft group at the MFRC. I usually bring in and work on my own projects during Wednesday morning craft group but am so glad I decided to put that down and make one of these instead. This is the first of only two new handmade by me Christmas 2014 ornaments.

Knitted hats were certainly a theme for presents from us in 2014. This hat was knit for my oldest nephew who lives in the lovely Big Land. I overstitched a mini Labrador flag on it and am pleased with the results. It's my first time trying overstitching and I was trying to get a similar look to a high end commercially reproduced hat which have fabric brand names on them or sewn into them.

Two other knitted hats for our lovely nieces also living in the Big Land. Older sister (almost ten years old) received the larger version. This is the Bennett Beret from a much loved Etsy store of mine, The Velvet Acorn.

Smallest size.
Larger size. Believe it or not, both hats were knit
from the same skein and dye lot. The top photo is
the most true to colour.
LOVE that ruffle!
Another nephew and another hat! This time for our youngest, Ninja turtle obsessed nephew. He is a big Raphael fan. This pattern was a combination of one from my wonderful friend M who restarted my knitting button when she was here for a visit this past summer plus this Ninja Turtle Hat Pattern that I found on Ravelry. I used Cascade Pacific yarn (that I purchased when we were in BC this past summer at this shop as a memento of our trip) for this project and am in love with how soft it knits up.

Using the same model and hat pattern from above (believe it or not!?!), I knit this men's hat for a dear friend's husband. A and her family returned back to the UK this past summer and we all really miss them. Here is proof that I not only started my Christmas knitting in the summer but that I also make really cute children too! Sadly, I sent their Christmas parcel to the UK on November 17th via Pony Express and It. Still. Has. Not. Arrived. 

Modelled by one of my gorgeous younger brother's. Sadly, neither
of my brother's received a hat this year. There's always 2015!
Another Velvet Acorn pattern, the Paisley Cloche, knit for our niece living in Colorado (or 'Coloralo' as Middlest used to call it). Honestly, if you want well written, quick and trendy knitted hat and/or accessories to knit, Heidi, the talent behind The Velvet Acorn, is a genius.

Not a hat! And also not ready in time for Christmas. However, here is a play toy that I made for the cats during the holidays. It took me a day to make and I filled the ball with cat nip and stuffing. This toy is now far from the door knob where it originated and is looking rather felted so I think I can determine it as a hit. Ravelry to the rescue as always for this pattern.

Proof of play.
I know, it's hard to believe I play with anything that isn't fibre. Here is a Pinterest inspired wreath that cost me $0. I love it when that happens!

Just before Christmas, one of my very organized friends organized a cookie exchange. Apart from A, I knew none of the other ladies in attendance and still managed to laugh so hard I was crying! A great night with new girlfriends. I had fun with the packaging. 

I crocheted this little number between Christmas Day and New Years Day. It's my first amigurumi attempt and I am in LOVE (don't tell DH!)!!! I used this pattern from Stephanie's lovely 'All About Ami' blog and intend on making it several more times. I went with an all white Polar Bear. I'm going to make two more - one of each boy with different coloured scarves and then make some other variations. I'd really like to make a penguin too...and a cow...and a sheep.....

Finally, a gratuitous feline picture as Bella got on and read my post from yesterday and was jealous so she purred me to distraction last night until I agreed to post a flattering picture of her;). Our cat amidst the holiday chaos.

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