Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

It has been a wonderful start to a new year for my family and I. I am intimately aware that this has not been the case for some of our very closest friends for whom this Christmas 2014 and the New Year mark their first without their dearest loved ones. The past six months have been a poignant and painful reminder that life is fleeting and can come to an end suddenly, with little or no warning. 

I stopped making a specific New Year's resolution a long time ago. However, if I can change that habit and choose a resolution for 2015 at all it would be to try and be more present in each moment and squeeze the most I can from each day. Our children and extended families are more or less in good general health, ear infections and getting older aside. I was in the mood for the Christmas season this year for the first time I have been in several years and for that I am thankful. We also have been playing host to my parents and my little sister and niece over the past two weeks which has been an absolute blessing even if the two three years old (Littlest and my niece are six weeks apart in age) have a love/hate relationship (they are as cute playing together as they are all riled up and yelling at each other!).

Here are a few moments from the past couple of wonderful, busy, exhausting and satisfying weeks:

Grabbing a satisfying nap took hard work.

The boys created a Santa's sleigh directional landing strip of their own accord. DH and I thought it was brilliant!

December 25, 2014
DH found a dried up pot of tulips in the dark of the garage that were showing some signs of life. I added water. It looks as though we may have begun our first 'forced' tulip garden.

Stocking stuffer fun.

And a bovine invasion...

Happy New Year 2015!

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