Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey there! Whatcha working on? I'm working on this...

Like my new KnitPicks needles? I can get them local at Fiberlilly,
one of my Local Yarn Stores (LYS) These particular ones
are presents from a Christmas gift certificate. Thanks, Sis!
I started a new knitting project on New Years Eve as I decided that I should have a new project going into 2015. I hope to finish it in 2015 too. It's the free Calbuco Cardigan pattern from Tangle. This is the second pattern I've knit from Tangle's original designs and I continue to be impressed. Impressed enough that I might even knit this cardi again in a cotton yarn. But I'd better concentrate on this one first as we all know (and if you don't, be warned) how many WIPs I have lurking about in this house, falling out of closets, from under beds, and stuffed to the back of the fridge (well, no, not really. But it could happen). I'm using a gorgeous yarn called Canopy Fingering by The Fibre Company in the colour way Parakeet. If you think the pictures look nice believe me when I say (write?) it is 100 times better in real life. It's a baby alpaca, merino, viscose bamboo blend. I picked up three skeins of it on sale at my other local yarn shop, COCO. Lucky, lucky, luck!

I am in love and...concerned. You see, I'm not a fan of fingering weight yarn. I prefer me some DK or worsted weight. They get the job done faster and I don't need to concentrate quite as hard on making my stitches. I don't mind fine yarn when I'm crocheting likely because I have more experience with it. With knitting, I tend to avoid (thats a lie, I DO avoid) lace patterns and fine yarns. I have a lovely skein of baby alpaca balled up in a craft drawer somewhere with a pattern that I've started three times and three times had to break the yarn off to start over because I'd created such an unholy, knotted mess.

So, I'm really wondering if this project and I are going to go the distance. I have a horrendous record with finishing sweaters for myself. In fact, of the three I've started and put considerable time and tears into, only one is finished, fits and is regularly worn. Sad I know. This is number four. Hopefully the knitting gods will grant me a free break for sheer optimism and determination.

Now, I must go back upstairs and reknit half of what I've already knit on the thing. I've already had to unravel most of it (right back to the 'cast on 80 stitches and knit four rows in garter stitch beginning...) and, for once, I haven't left the yarn in too much of a snarl.

Question: is it cruel to let your cat escape your house
just after the first snow fall of the year? I held the door open for her
when, after taking this picture, she ran back to the house and
warm floors. Still...

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