Friday, July 31, 2015

An Update

Wow, it's really been a long time since I sat down and wrote anything, let alone a blog post. Let's let the pictures tell the story from January to June.

2015 might end up being called the 'Year of the Craft' for me as I've been accomplishing more and more craft wise. This winter I managed to finish one of two slip covers I intend to made for two of our kitchen island chairs. The lovely red vinyl ones we had originally purchased are being ruined by cat claws.

This was my first slip cover. I've attempted another since, for our old lazy-boy chair, and it was a nightmare to do and did not turn out at all. I'll document my first and second attempts soon.

That piping looks downright professional;)!

If you click on this picture, you can see some of the damage on the
back of the red chair from the cats. Darn felines!

I made these cute little reheatable hand warmers filled with rice and lavender for Valentine's Teacher gifts in February.

I started this gorgeous sweater and finished it in 2015. Three months. That has GOT to be a record for me! I stuck with this one. The yarn is a cashmere blend and is divine. Excuse me. I need to go be alone with it again for a little while...

The rug that I hooked and designed for underneath one of the sets of cat dishes is finished and never made it to the floor! DH put his foot down and said that there was no way the cats were getting that rug so it's now hung in our bathroom.

I'm still making the occasional cake, this time an Easter/Spring inspired one.

This is the Patricia Tunic by Sis & Boom. Great to sew and wear and I'll definitely be making more.

My apologies about the next picture. I cannot get it to flip the right way for some reason! I made this as a prize for my first Facebook party with Steeped Tea

Sorry, you'll need to turn your head for this one!
And this is one of my most recent projects. It will eventually be a checker/chess board runner for the boys (and I've heard no end of complaints about the fact that its not finished yet!). Sadly, I now have a serious case of startitis and not a whole lot of follow through with a half painted project upstairs, a half finished slip cover, a new sweater, a present for a friend, this rug and a small crocheted bowl. Sigh.

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