Monday, August 3, 2015

Camping in July 2015

Let me tell you a few things that I learned during our July 2015 foray  into the 'wilderness' (Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park) with an eight, six and three year old. Be warned, this is a graphic post...(in the biological functions sense...).

Burin, Burin Peninsula 
The boys LOVED climbing over the rocks. It made their day!
Which was awesome because most of the time they were just shivering
complaining about the cold.
  1. Bring winter coats for all five family members and not just youngest. We froze a few essential bits off.
  2. I hadn't noticed it before, seeing as we live in an abode with running water and flushable toilets, but our kids go to the bathroom. A. Lot. And for significant periods of time. Now this is fine when we're home and they're in the next room over (bathroom). And DH chose our camping site partially because of its proximity to the pond and partially because it was equidistant between the outhouses and the comfort station where there is running water and flushable toilets. However, neither one of us anticipated fear of outhouses and subsequent parent accompanied bathroom trips for the Rest. Of. The. Camping. Trip. I swear I knit half a sweater waiting for them (Then promptly tore it out because I'd knit it wrong. Cold addles brains).
  3. Locking yourself in your van to knit, read, swear, is a totally acceptable way to escape the under tens in your family. You can still hear them however. 
  4. Six year olds have no filter. So when you walk into a home grown museum in a small town and your six year old throws his head back and yells 'Boooorrrrrinnnng" well, the staff are going to hear him. The lovely, white haired sweet kind of staff. Sadly that hole didn't open up under my feet and swallow me down.
  5. Fog is hard to see through. So is rain, drizzle and fog (RDF). Couldn't really tell you what the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador looks like due to the RDF. It was a pisser of a week. I hear it's beautiful though and the beaches that we could see through the RDF looked gorgeous. Too bad it was cold enough to freeze the ball bearings off a tractor).
  6. If it's cold enough (10 degrees C), your boys will stay in their cozy sleeping bags and sleep much longer than if at home. Bless them.
A few more pictures for you...

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