Friday, August 14, 2015

2015 - A Happiness Project

In May, June and July, I took a course through the Mental Health arm of Eastern Health and one of the things that was reinforced was the importance of soul enriching activities such as creativity and how to ensure their place regularly in your life. I have been feeling better in 2015 and I think that is one of the reasons why my crafting output has been much more prolific than usual.

I have been rug hooking:

I will have this one for sale at a local market I'm participating in on
August 29th. It's 5" X 7"

I've finally started my Ayrton sweater from Jane Ellison's
Noro Family knitting book. I'm using Plymouth Yarns' Mushishi
Color 01. It's nice... I bought both the pattern and yarn when
we visited Alaska in 2010.
Occasionally selling tea and most definitely drinking lots of tea.  And taking care of children.

One thing that I have definitely not been working on is on the house cleaning front. I'm sure DH would agree. He and I had to lose our fastidiousness around the house when the boys came along and I still find it demotivating to clean, knowing that what I just cleaned with be just as dirty - or dirtier - 30 seconds later. It's a busy, happy, usually messy household and the mess sometimes gets me down so I've turned to FlyLady for some advice and, honestly, a bit of a system to help my overwhelming spaces.

But, house cleaning comes AFTER house cleaning in the dictionary you see...

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