Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Day on the Bay

Our family's visits to Middle Cove Beach are not new to this blog. This particular visit was quite unique and gave DH the chance to cross something off his bucket list!

You can see people fishing from the shore off in the distance.

I had decided that we should have a fire and DH decided he wanted to have it at Middle Cove Beach. So we packed everyone up in their warm clothes and headed off (actually, I wore a lighter jacket but had to come home for an errand and changed into my winter coat which I was MUCH more comfortable in. It was truly a winter coat day with a breeze at 10 degrees). 

The food fishery had just started three days previous to our beach visit. There were several fishermen fishing for cod right from the beach, something I have never seen done before. The fish were so plentiful that we could see them jumping and swarming at the surface of the water! So, we did what any "sensible" fish eating people would do and raced to Canadian Tire and bought rods to try our hand at it. We figured that two fish each would cover the cost of the rods. 

DH caught FIVE!

Uncle Baldy was a bit of a late bloomer but managed well too. Between the two of them, and the loss of a few lures, the rods were paid off from just one afternoon of fishing. I told DH that that was the fishing trip of a lifetime. I've never known cod fish could be caught from a beach before.

You can see the nice size of these fish in comparison to the boots on
rock in the above left corner.

Though I've watched the professionals gut and filet fish at the fish plant in Forteau, Labrador when I was a little girl, I was no help to DH when it came to cleaning his catch. Onto YouTube and DH was off. I think he looked downright professional too. By this time it was quite late at night but I had to stay up with him for 'emotional support'.

We now have five huge meals of fish in the freezer and that fishing rod might just get bronzed. A wonderful day on the bay indeed!

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