Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day Two: Paw Patrol Party

I'm sitting here with an over full stomach, my body struggling to process an excess of sugar and fat with the knowledge that Youngest had a great party and now I have a month or so before the next one. Score!

As had been our tradition, there was a balloon forest in red, white and blue Paw Patrol colours.

Rubble is Youngest's favourite Paw Patrol character so he was the star of the heavily sugar-ified cake. This cake idea is straight from Pinterest and took me about twenty minutes to decorate. Compared to my usual 2 - 3 hours, decorating this cake was a dream. I even got some knitting in last night!

Paw Patrol was out in style from toys to napkins to plates to the papers under the Rice Krispie squares.

The paw print stamp from last year worked perfectly well for this year.

Youngest's banner was ordered from this shop on this year. I love it!

There you have it. Another party according to our 'formula' done and dusted.

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