Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day Eight: Why Start a Podcast?

Some of my long time readers might be wondering where this idea to start a podcast came from so I thought I'd write a little about that.

I only started listening to podcasts at the end of the 2016 school year just after I'd been reading Sandra's Cherry Heart blog (which I highly recommend!) and her post talking about the Legacy Knit's podcast and Sue's 'stitching revolution'. You can read Sandra's post here. I was cross stitching again and feeling like everyone I knew had cross stitched years ago but had given it up besides myself and one close friend of mine (Hi, L!). So, I looked up the podcast and had a listen and, behold! A fan was born! I loved it! I loved hearing about their knitting and stitching projects and I loved their mother and daughter interaction (Sue and her daughter Chelsea co-host the Legacy Artz podcast). From there I looked into other podcasts that they mentioned and found myself down a rabbit hole and into a land that I had no idea existed.

The same thing happened to me about ten years ago when I found The Yarn Harlot's blog and, as a result, I started my blog Fibreholic. I found a community of like minded people that lived and breathed the making/crafting life that I too aspire to and manage to live some (most) days. 

It's hard to believe I wrote my first blog post ten years ago. Many, MANY knitting and crafting blogs have come and gone in that period of time and certainly my own two blogs have had times of empty but I've always come back to it. I love writing and this interactive, electronic community is something that I love and am continually inspired by.

So, I decided that if I'd had the nerve to write my first blog post ten years ago and look how much I've gained from that experience, then I could take a leap of faith and start a podcast too. Podcasting is a little more real, a little more raw and shows you a different side of personal that a written blog offers. Yes, I can get more intimate here on the blog than I'm likely to get on the podcast as my written voice is sometimes a quicker route to my soul but here there is some anonymity in that you can't actually see or hear me and I can edit out a sentence or paragraph that is too raw. With the podcast, my accent, my baby weight (can you call it that after your last baby is now five years old?!?), my double chins are there for all to see. Frankly, the first two podcasts were terrifying.

But, like most leaps of faith I've taken once I've forced myself over that hump of fear, I'm loving the experience. I'm meeting new people from all over the world. Like minded people like me. Some with children, some without, some with three (and four!) boys and some with three and four cats and dogs. It doesn't matter; somehow my little podcast is resonating with people and I am so happy about that.

There you have it - why I started a podcast. And the experience has been so good.

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