Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day Five: Fall Colours

I love Fall. It's my favourite season likely influenced by the fact that I'm a November baby;). I love the smell in the air, the crisp temperatures (sweater weather - yeah!), the change in the leaves. One thing I miss about several of the houses that we've lived in over the years not here in NL are the change of leaf colours.

Our current home was a new build when we bought it. Sadly, most newly built homes are placed on land that has been levelled of trees and our plot was no different. We are lucky to have a thick frame of trees on our property's perimeter but they are mostly black spruce and fir trees with two or three dogberry (Mountain Ash) trees scattered in for good measure. As you drive closer to downtown St. John's, the older, stately trees have just started to come into their own with Fall colours.

I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and I pulled some pictures from our time in Ottawa and Middleton, Nova Scotia to show off some of the trees and fall festivities close to where we were living years ago that I'm missing now.

The Rideau River from the Quebec side.

Orange, yellow and red reflections.

Wouldn't this make a gorgeous colour way for yarn?

These leaves remind me of crisp apples.

Moving onto Nova Scotia I couldn't find many pictures of the turn of the leaves. But, I did find pictures of Kentville, NS where the pumpkin people start to arrive at this time of year. If you happen to be near the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia right now, go and check them out.

Is there anything that screams 'Fall' more than pumpkin people walking through the leaves?

How are the leaves where you are?

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