Monday, October 3, 2016

Day Three: Spindrift Shawl

Those of you who follow me on Instagram can probably skip today's post entirely. During the ten days it took me to knit this shawl, I posted regularly about it on Instagram. However, I realize that I have friends and family out there who are not on Instagram regularly (or at all) so I've decided to dedicate one post to this lovely project, Helen Stewart's Spindrift Shawl.

I cast this project on the same night that I'd purchased the skein of Sweet Georgia's Tough Love sock weight yarn in the Mirror Pond colour way on September 1st. I completed it on September 10th. This skein was purchased during a visit with R (Hi R!) to Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, BC and knitting it in ten days is a new record for me.

Likely the long airplane(s) ride across North America helped me get quite a bit done.

Don't you love my project bag? It's a drawstring bag from Brindy Linens a local print artisan and it's the perfect size for airplane travel.

And on I knit.

Here I'm knitting at the Geo Centre in St. John's where the boys were playing happily in the Kids Zone.

At home, I settled into my 'butt groove' spot with some company from Bella. She is great around fibre and rarely tries to play with it.

Then I started the picot edge bind off. Glorious!

Soaking before blocking.

Blocking on the guest room mattress with piles of blankets and towels to protect the mattress from getting wet. I used my new wire blockers that I'd purchased from Cast On Cast Off.

And finally it was ready to display.

I'm in love with this shawl. I've used it most days since it dried and it's the perfect size and warmth for the warmish fall we've been having here.

Just look at those eyelits! And that edging!

This shawlette was a pleasure to knit and I'd highly recommend it to a beginner lace knitter like myself!