Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day One: 31 Days of Writing and Crafting

It's Day One of my 31 Days of Writing and Crafting and I find myself back at the same place I started last year with a birthday party brewing (tomorrow) and the usual havoc that that creates the day before. Here's my 'To Do' list for the day just to keep me on track and to make you tired:

  1. Bake cakes - two cake mix batters - I use Betty Crocker's French Vanilla every time.
  2. Make icing.
  3. Ice said cakes.
  4. Decorate said cakes. 
  5. Stamp loot bags (it's a Paw Patrol party here this year so I can use the same paw print stamp that I used last year.
  6. Fill loot bags (we're down to less than ten kids this year so that's a piece of cake - no pun intended;).
  7. Pick up Paw Patrol banner from printing at Staples (purchased at, we're using this one this year).
  8. Cut out and string banner.
  9. Hang banner after the kids are asleep tonight.
  10. Clean the rest of the upper floor.
  11. Pray for good weather for tomorrow because we're having a bouncy castle as per every other year. This might be our last year for this feature. We did a bouncy castle at Eldest and Middlest's double birthday party in the summer but, at seven and nine, felt that the attendees are getting too old to not be nuisance on the bouncy.
  12. Clean the family room in the basement. Huge job. HUGE.
  13. And lastly, and most important, try and survive all of these duties while parenting three, wired boys.
This might be our last year using our at home party format for our boy's birthday parties. We've already decided that Eldest and Middlest's birthday parties will not be at home next year. They're at the age (and their parents are getting old!) that a more intimate party with six friends on an outing will have to do as 25+ seven to nine year old children running havoc all over the house and garden has become too much for me. Therefore, I'm enjoying this last run on what has become a comfortable 'formula' for hosting birthday parties for the boys.

They sure grow up fast, don't they?!?

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