Monday, January 25, 2016

Christmas Craft Update

One of the difficult things about hand making things for Christmas gifts when you're a blogger is that, if the intended recipients read your blog and you intend on said gifts to be a surprise. then you can't post about your accomplishments and FOs. Frustratinig.

Better late than never, I'm here to tell you about the frenetic chaos that was this house in November and December as I got out more hand made gifts than I have in years and years. Those boys are a growing allowing me some solo (still supervising with one eye;)!) time to create and - gasp! - finish projects.

Without further ado..

Mini snow men placed in petite jewelry boxes for our god-daughters.

Ornaments for each of my 2015 tea hosts:

A painting on canvas for the MFRC's playroom as a thank you for the support they've provided to me and my family over the years:

A quilt for my BC SIL:

Two cowls headed West - one to Alberta and one to Manitoba:

I apparently didn't get a finished picture of this cowl. 
Not too shabby!

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