Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An Ornament a Week: Week 2

Hello! I have found a minute or two! Hello! Hello!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday yesterday. I have officially reached the mid forties and it feels pretty good. This is the age my grandmother said she felt when she was 90 so I better enjoy it as it's an enviable age amongst the elders!

DH made a gorgeous cheese cake (my favourite and I'm lucky to usually get one for my birthday) and I would have taken a picture of it but I barely paused long enough to blow out the candles before diving into it let alone had time for a picture. There's one piece left and it's mine, all mine.

I've remained vigilant to my ornament challenge (how are you doing, K in Winterpeg?). Here is ornament number two based on the tutorial in the link below. It is an excellent tutorial by the way. I really enjoyed making this ornament and have thoughts about making more. It's all hand stitched and each time I do any handwork I'm reminded of how much I love it.

Sew, love, live blog

I wandered outside in the cold and the wind and the sleet a couple of days ago to take pictures. These were the best I could get in the wind which made for an uncooperative ornament.




It's hung on my little white spray painted branches on the step landing at the moment. When I have that section of the house prepared for a holiday vignette, I will post all about it!


  1. Wonderful read and a beautiful ornament. I am not doing so well with the ornaments but I have finished my 5th stocking and am on to number 6. Two of them are personalized and off to my niece in BC later today. The others on hand ...just in case! I am moving now to thinking about needing to get some baking done! glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday

  2. This is so cute! Sorry about lurking for so long. I am often on my phone when I check out your blog, and it's not as easy to add a comment. Good luck with your project!!

    1. Lurk away! Glad to know you're out there!