Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In Love With Snow

I love snow. I love the fluffy white stuff with a passion and love it even more when it come in heaps and heaps coupled with lots of cold, crisp sunny weather. Honestly, even if you're a warm weather person I swear that the weather I'm describing with make you feel alive. Sadly, the Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador where we live is more often swathed in fog, freezing rain and drizzle.

We have had a couple of good storms providing lots of snow so far this winter. In between storms however, we have also had a day or so of very mild weather and rain then freezing agains so 2016 so far has also been a very bad year for ice. We have a solid sheet of it under the snow on our driveway at the moment and it's been a little tricky when I've been out using the snow blower.

For Christmas, our lovely BC family gave us all a set of snow shoes and we are determined to use them to our best advantage this year. Our first day out was only around the yard to see how they worked and to make sure we knew how to put them on.

Then, a couple of Sundays ago we went to Pippy Park in St. John's to check out their groomed snowshoe and ski trails. What a lovely day!

I was often in the back taking pictures or helping Youngest whose little legs did the most work of any of us.

I also got to bring the snack supplies!

 Tracks in the snow...

The paths are well marked and the boys ran (in snow shoes!) on ahead with no trouble keeping to the route.

This area is wide open and the wind had blown all the snow off the surface leaving huge, glassy ice spots that you can see the boys playing on. This was the highlight of their afternoon.

My highlight was the sun and then the lodge where a cheery propane fireplace was roaring. We ate our snack, enjoyed the warmth and marvelled that the whole adventure was FREE!

I'm hoping these babies are going to get a few miles logged on them this winter and their training has already started. Youngest and I went back to the park ourselves last Monday and we went again to the same park this past weekend with two other family friends who equally enjoyed the experience.

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