Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Holiday Hike

Although we have lots of snow now, we didn't on Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day. It dawned beautiful and bright on Boxing Day so all four of the boys and I headed out on a local hike.

Embarrassingly we drove to the trail head but I am sure in years to come as Youngest gets bigger, we will walk to the many trail heads just a short distance from our front door.

This day, our destination was Torbay Beach.

I love seeing red in the foliage at this time of the year!
 The trail down to the beach is not very strenuous and I enjoyed going last and taking lots of pictures. It was a very photogenic day.

We all feel very lucky to live in a place with views like these.

Boys always seem attracted to water!

The seagulls were floating in groups and salt water ducks - we call them 'turrs' - were flying back and forth overhead. They are so funny looking when they fly, their little wings beating as hard as they can to stay airborne.

Part of the beach is made up of rounded, smooth rocks and the other end more dramatically formed with shale rock. It was a bit 'slippedy' (one of Middlest's created words) in places.

How quickly the sun disappears at this time of the year.

I had never noticed the bridge in the distance before. We were off the trail by this time and beach combing but the actual trail goes right over the bridge itself.

All in all, a beautiful afternoon with the boys.

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