Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Were You At?

Getting my crafting/artistic mojo back since having Eldest has taken a long time. I'm still not sure it's back to normal. If you asked me ten months ago, I would have told you I wasn't working on anything. When I reviewed our pictures a few weeks ago, I realised that I have actually been up to more than I'd first thought. One of the things I have really struggled to keep up with are birthday cakes for each boy though I have missed a couple of years. Cakes are creative, right? Here are a few of the cakes I have made over the past couple of years:

I made this cake for the daughter of a friend of mine. Her birthday invitations were princess themed and she's a girl. Those were my only instructions. Do you know how nice it was to mix up PINK icing???

For Youngest's first birthday, I overdid it and made two cakes. The first (which highlights a vintage train candle holder from DH's childhood) was in the shape of a drum and the second larger one was the shape of a number one which we brought to a playgroup we attend twice a week.

Eldest and Middlest's 2nd and 3rd birthday cakes were store bought. I finally got it together for the following two years:

Rocket cupcakes.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake until we'd cut into it! Trust me, it was a very cute dinosaur.

Middlest's fourth birthday cake.
Eldest's sixth birthday cake.
When Eldest started Kindergarten last year, I decided to make a few treats for his class.

Valentine's Day party cake.
No, not cake but I did decorate them for Halloween this past fall.
Too cute not to share;)!
Kindergareten Graduation cake. 
 Finally, two cakes I made for another friend's two boys a few months ago. The Angry Bird cake was for a ten year old and the Spiderman cake was for a four year old topped by a really cute Spiderman candle.

Oops. Didn't get a shot with the Spiderman candle on top. My bad.

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