Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happiest Hooking

Before Christmas, I managed to do something that I have not had time to do in years - volunteer to teach a class. I taught an introductory rug hooking class which 'forced' me to hook some Christmas ornaments on a deadline (November is well in advance for me). It was an awesome feeling. I think all of the ladies who attended (don't men want to be hookers too?) had a really good time and I really enjoyed teaching again.

Students were given the choice of hooking one of the following designs and I made up kits in advance. The most popular choices were the Jelly Bean Row house and the stocking. 

The gorgeous handmade button came from a newish
local store here called FiberLilly. They have the most
beautiful stock.
It is a little hard to see - this is a sheep.

Hooking with a deadline gave me incentive to finish up another project that has been in my 'to finish' pile for over a year - my largest hooked completed project at only 12" X 12". I managed to get an impressive amount of hooking time in over Christmas this year (2013). We had a really quiet Christmas as each of the kids caught a bad cold with a fever. We were blessed to have Mudder visiting over the holidays as she spent her first Christmas in 45 years (I might get corrected on that number) away from Fadder who was in Colorado helping out my sister. Naturally, having Grandma around meant lots of extra help. 

Since the New Year I've found that if I have a project on my frame and the frame out for me to see, I usually manage to get a few minutes of hooking in a day. Not the greatest way to keep the counters clean but pretty;)!

Here are two projects completed by students in my class. Awesome!

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