Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Week Before Easter

The week before Easter included painting an Easter tree at the MFRC. We go there twice a week - it's our second home!

Enjoying Spring flowers. I love tulips and this colour combination is one of my favourites.

Our first supper meal outside in 2014 as requested by the boys. You can see that it had cooled down from a 17C degree day at supper time. Still, it was WONDERFUL to be out in the fresh air listening to the Spring bird song.

The snow disappeared in a day and a half.

A brave little tulip that pushed itself up (and it has siblings!!!) through the snow in hopes of some warm Spring air.

A bleeding heart plant also pushing its way up through the soil and mulch. My rose bush has buds on it too.

Quick and cute Easter treats for teachers and friends from this Lacy Crochet pattern. I can whip up one of these, including weaving in the ends and tying on the hanging string in about ten minutes. An excellent beginner crocheting project with quick and satisfying results.

I made up these for Eldest's classmates. It was REALLY hard not to eat all the eggs myself before I filled the bags.

From our house to yours, have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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