Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I've noticed that Patty has been going to the basement on the iMac to make funny tapping sounds more often. I know because I usually keep her company. She really enjoys it when I chase something she calls a cursor around the flat thing on the desk, especially when my paws hit that fun keyboard thing and I get to type on my own. Liberating! I usually sleep up on a couple of boxes next to her so that I can keep an eye on her whilst having a bath. Baths are very important. If you haven't had one yet today, you might want to think about it. I find at least six a day is good. A nice round number. Naps are important too.

Can't we get some sensible cat napping mood lighting
around here?
My name in Angel and I am a cat. I like to think of myself as 'the' cat in this house but there's another feline named Bella who was here before me and I am pretty sure she thinks she is 'the' cat. She's bigger than me but I can hold my own so this wouldn't be the first point we've agreed to disagree on.

Patty found my draft and insisted that I add a couple of pictures of Bella. Here's
the first one. I'm in the next picture. Ignore this one and move on.
In October of 2013, I came to live with Patty, that man and those three smaller two legged creatures who terrify me one minute and then charm me by trying to squeeze the stuffing out of me.

There's a hierarchy of toys around here. The small two legged creatures
get them first and, when they've grown out of them/gone to bed,
I get them. 
I was a stray and rescued by a group called Heavenly Creatures. They're pretty cool. Patty didn't know it when she answered a Facebook request for an urgent fostering subsequent to my being spayed but, if she and Heavenly Creatures hadn't intervened, I was going to be 'put down'. I'm not entirely sure what that means but it sounds pretty grim. Luckily, Patty and that man had a spare bedroom for me to stay in while I recovered from the surgery.

My temporary digs. Not too shabby.
Going from a cage that was so small I was using my litter box as a bed (at the pound Heavenly Creatures rescued me from) to a cat hospital and then to Patty's spare room was a weird experience. I really didn't know what was going on. However, I managed to cope pretty well. In the spare room I had my own window to look outside along with many many surfaces to lie or play on. My favourite was the rocking chair.

Me on my rocking chair getting the attention I deserve.
Even though everything in my life had changed I really love people and Patty and her family came to visit me in my room lots.

Patty and that man weren't sure if they were going to adopt me or not at first because it depended on how I got along with Bella. She is another calico cat like me, though her hair is much shorter, and thinks she's the boss of the house. I guess she was until I came along. I stirred things up for her, that's for sure! I like nothing better than to sneak up behind her and pounce. After the first few weeks of getting to know each other, we rarely hiss at each other anymore but we do play fight and we LOVE to chase each other around. Well, I love to chase Bella around. I can't be bothered to find out if she enjoys it or not.

The obligatory second picture of Bella...

One of my favourite parts of living with Patty and her family is the bird window. That's right. They have a BIRD window. The only thing better would to be able to get outside and get a taste…but Patty won't let me. Le sigh. That man put up a bird feeder right next to the back window and the patio door for the cats of the house to have a bit of entertainment. Well, that's my interpretation of why he put a bird feeder there anyways. Bella and I spend hours on the cat tower, window sill or lying on the mat in front of the patio door hunting birds. It gets pretty boring when the bird food has run out so I get Bella to go tell Patty that the food is empty. Bella is really, really good at that. Sometimes Patty's a bit stunned and thinks it's us who need the food but she usually gets our point eventually. I LOVE looking at those birds. A squirrel also lives close by too. He's quite saucy though and tells me off through the glass of the window. I don't mind. He really has no idea who he's up against and I might manage to sneak out…eventually.

Patty regularly calls me 'Checkers'. Her family had a black and white cat with long hair like mine before I came along. Apparently she died over the Labour Day weekend in 2013 and Patty was quite upset about it especially as Checkers was such a young cat and the cat doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. I wish I could have met her too but if she had still been alive when Heavenly Creatures found me, I'm not sure I would have come to live with them or not. It's too bad though. She sounds like she was a really nice cat.

The time I almost got packed in a box of
hand me down clothes.

I'm a really nice cat too though Patty sometimes says I was misnamed. I'm not sure why. I mean, isn't it my job to chew on everything in sight (and what's a dog bone anyways? Patty keeps telling me she's going to get me one), climb into obscure and dark places and walk on any surface in sight no matter how high or low? I am a cat after all! Sheesh! However, I have noticed that every time she gets mad at me, she's laughing at me too. Apparently she and that man have a soft spot for bratty cats.

Me being a clean laundry menace.

Well, that's me. I thought I should introduce myself on this thing Patty calls a 'blog'. I really have no idea what that is but it's a public forum and I'm such a special cat so I really thought I should introduce myself to the world.

Off to have another bath. Or a nap. Or both. Meow!


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