Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Visiting the UK: Part Six

My last morning visiting A and her wonderful family dawned overcast but never did amount to any amount of precipitation. 

Unlike our late Spring at home, it was bluebell season in the UK. Aren't they gorgeous?

We gave the dogs a walk through the narrow one lane roads. A and the dogs truly have a lovely place to wander and play.

Treats, Mum? Huh? Treats? Huh?
The way was winding and hilly, just the way I like it. A is in a rural part of the world so farmhouses are few and far between and the traffic very light.

And, all too quickly, it was time for me to board the train in Shrewsbury en route to the Marriott Courtyard next to Gatwick airport (booked for free on DH's member points. There are a few perks to him travelling all the time). I went via Crewe and London Euston from where I took the tube to London Victoria and back to Gatwick airport. It was a bit of walking but the hotel is less than 10 minutes walk from the airport, with excellent signage.

En route to Crewe.

Bye, bye, Shrewsbury!

There was lots of opportunity to knit and I made the most of it. I took out that heel flap and reknit it once and for all.

Turned the heel and then the hard part - for me - picked up the stitches I needed around the sock and began knitting again.

I got a sandwich and something to drink at the station in Crewe during my brief 20 minutes there. The train between Crewe and Euston Station was highly entertaining as two holidaying couples sat next to me playing a board game and then went onto cross word puzzles. I wasn't supposed to be eavesdropping but I just could't help myself. An elderly passenger approached and asked if they knew a five letter word for a clearing in the woods. I answered 'glade'. By now, I'm obviously listening in. They all laughed and thanked me. Another one I accidentally answered was 'another name for pitch'. 'Tar.' One of the gentlemen told me I should give up the knitting and go into cross word puzzles to which his female companion replied, 'She's a woman. She can multi-task!'

And here is my last picture taken in the UK. Not a particularly nice one or well composed but there you have it. It is of a lovely old Tudor located in the parking lot of the Marriott. I'm supposing it is too nice to tear down - and I agree - but it does seem a little out of place surrounding by modern cars and pavement. By this time I was tired and sad to be leaving and the sky finally opened up so I had supper in the restaurant (I had hoped to walk to a nearby pub but neither Google maps or the front desk could recommend anything apart from ones within driving distance) which was fine and retired to my room.

My flight the next morning was at 9:20 so I checked out around 6:30 giving myself plenty of time to walk to the airport, take the shuttle between terminals, check in and go through security. Once again and to my great relief my knitting needles were fine to take aboard the airplane. And off I flew back home to reality and the arms of three little boys and one big one.

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