Monday, June 6, 2016

I Need Proof of Spring

It might be Spring but the weather certainly hasn't shown any indication that it is. The boys and I still prefer our winter jackets over Spring coats and the thermometer rarely reaches double digits. Even sporadic sunny times, like this afternoon, are cold at 8 degrees C and wind.

My tulips have finally bloomed but they've been like this for several days. I think they're too scared to open completely.

The bleeding hearts bush is coming up.

I transplanted parsley from a grocery store pot. With the repeated frost warnings each night, I think it hates me.

The rose that's been in my garden the longest is starting to prosper.

The peony has made the biggest strides of all. I'm hopefully for two blossoms this year.

The hydrangea is barely above ground. It's scared too I think.

Last years new rose addition might make it but I'm worried. This is the only sign of life on any of the branches and they've started to curl.

I planted this rose earlier this 'Spring'. Amazingly, there are signs of life.

If there's a genuine Spring somewhere close to you, we'd certainly appreciate having some of it.

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