Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Worthy Conversations

From the mouths of our creatures children:

From yesterday:

Eldest: Mommy? How many minutes are left in the year?
Mommy: How should I know, Eldest? Ask your father. He's the engineer! (Thank God I married one...).

An overheard conversation between Eldest and Middlest:

Middlest: What's a teenager?
Eldest: Weellll, a teenager is a kid that still goes to school but goes to a bigger school. A bigger kid. A teenager's job is to look for a husband or a wife. Really, I don't understand why teenagers have to go to school. If I was a teenager, I should spend my time looking for a husband or wife, not going to school (and teenagers around the planet would agree with him too I daresay).

A conversation between me and Middlest:

Middlest: Mommy?
Mommy: Yes, Middlest?
Middlest: You're a girl, right?
Mommy: Yes, Middlest.
Middlest: You're a girl because you got breastisis for nursing babies, right?
Mommy (somewhat concerned by the simplistic nature of this conversation but going with it anyways):  Yes, Middlest.
Middlest: And I have breastisis too.
Mommy (catching on a bit): Yeesss, but you are a boy so you can't nurse babies, honey.
Middlest: Awww! (Pouting). But I want to grow big breastisis when I grow up so that I can nurse my babies too!
Mommy: I know, honey. 

A van ride conversation:

Middlest: (In a very angry voice) Mommy!
Mommy: Yes, Middlest?
Middlest: (Arms now crossed and brow ferociously furrowed) I am so mad! You never let us drive!

While leaving Michaels Art and Crafts with Middlest, him again with brow ferociously furrowed and stomping mad (why, yes, he is a pretty intense little boy. Why do you ask?):

Middlest: But I WANT to WORK at MICHAELS!!!
Mommy: Yes, Honey, I know but you aren't old enough to work at Michaels yet. You need to be sixteen.
Middlest: But I'm STRONG enough!
Mommy: Yes, I know.
Middlest: And I'm a hard worker!
Mommy (sighing): Yes, I know you are. I'm sorry but you're going to have to wait awhile yet.
He sat with his arms crossed and bitterly angry the whole ride home.

When Eldest was a toddler and knowing I am a breast feeding advocate and nursing Mom, my sister gave Eldest the cutest t-shirt that said 'I'm a Boob Man' (she was going to get DH a complimenting t-shirt that said "My son has great taste" - too bad she decided not to!). Eldest had the t-shirt on a couple of years ago and my sister and one of my SIL's were teasing him and asking him if he knew what was on his t-shirt

Eldest: "Yes, it says 'I'm a boob man." Then he smiled and said very proudly. "Actually, that's not true. I'm only a little boy but, when I grow up I'm going to be a boob man!"

Two years ago around Halloween, Eldest had a giraffe costume on. My Mother was here and commented on the giraffe in the house. Eldest said something to the effect of, "Grandma! I'm not a real giraffe! I'm just pretending. I'm just a boy!"

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