Monday, June 11, 2012

Liar Liar

Finlay is getting to the stage where we are trying out new soft food and drinking apparatuses (Finn doesn't use a bottle. I'm a nursing mama and there's not been anyone around consistently enough to get him used to using a bottle. Yes, that's a dig, DH ;)). The search for something for him to learn to drink out of resulted in me rooting around in the water bottle cupboard seeking out appropriate liquid containers. And, looking at the wealth, it brought up a subject that just makes me mad, children's drink container manufacturers and their claim to have created a 'leak proof' container. To that I have only one word to say - bullish&t.

Here's a peek:
Yup. This is 'organized' on a good day...

Between ourselves, our friends and families, we have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a beverage container that doesn't leak. We've sprung for environmentally friendly containers, not-so-environmentally friendly throw aways (which we have to start getting rid of as Aidan, at the ripe old age of almost three, is STILL teething and biting through a cap a day on those one use wonders...that we use for much, much longer than one use. We do wash them though). The only time some of the bottles we've invested in don't leak is when they are not holding liquid. Some of the caps do keep liquid in. Most of the time. But even those are a problem because, if you screw the caps on too tight, they usually leak. Especially if they contain juice because dried juice is sticky and each of these containers were made with a healthy dose of Murphy's Law.

So, I'm throwing out a challenge to the blogopshere. Have you found a child friendly liquid holder (one with handles for an 8 month old would be great but not mandatory) that doesn't leak? You are going to have to be convincing though. By the number of containers in this cupboard, you can see that I've had the wool pulled over my eyes a few too many times and I've become beverage container purchasing shy.

Imagine what I could have spent this money on instead. Yarn, fabric, chocolate...


  1. Yes! The ONLY ones we have found that CONSISTENTLY do not leak are the fairly inexpensive Playtex jobbies that we find at Shoppers Drug Mart in packs of 2. We've lost them in a million different places and have had to buy them over and over again, but not one leak. Here's a link to a pic ( because of course there are a million different Playtex sippies. We've tried 'em all also. These are golden.