Saturday, June 23, 2012


It is amazing how much I manage to accomplish either before DH gets back from a business trip, company arrives or just before our family goes away on a holiday. Just before either of these types of deadlines, my household 'to do' list triples. The one curtain missing from a six curtain set gets the fifteen minutes with the sewing machine it needs and up it goes. Artwork collecting dust in the closet for a year or more gets hung. Suddenly it becomes imperatively important to accomplish tasks that were previously only pipe dreams.

Invariably I do not get to cross out everything on my new and increased list. But I often do get a couple of things done that leave me with a great feeling of satisfaction.

Take these for example. 

I found these on a tutorial from Melissa's Sew Like My Mom blog. This fantastic lady taught me to make two bibs in about thirty minutes and that even includes the couple of interruptions from the boys.

Finlay has totally outgrown any of the bibs I used for his older brothers. Something about him being HUGE for his age (in the cutest way possible I might add). The day before a recent trip, it became imperative that I make a couple of these bibs (yep, crazy).

So cute!
Easy peasy and cute as a button. Best of all, he cannot rip these bibs off like the ones with the velcro backs I was using (and stopped using for this reason) and make the back of his little neck sore.

These bibs provide great body coverage too. I foresee many more of these being whipped up for a few of the special babies in our lives.

If you're looking for a quick, cute and inexpensive baby gift, look no further.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial and pattern, Melissa!

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