Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day 2016 Memories

Hellllloooooo! Long time no type!  Busy as ever here and I'm missing my little writing sessions so I thought I'd park my arse and see what I could come up with this evening in betwixt and between getting the boys in and out of the scrubby tub.

I hope all of you lovely mothers out there had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. Here on the Eastern Avalon of Newfoundland and Labrador it reached over 20 degrees Celsius and, despite the general overcast skies by the time we went for a hike (it had been much nicer earlier), we had a grand time.

We parked and hiked past the Geo Centre located at the bottom of Signal Hill and then proceeded to follow DH's sense of direction to a path he could see off in the distance.

The hike was a bit much for my bare feet but I managed to traverse the muddy and wet parts without going over my sandal sides.

I was determined to be out without Mudder's home knit socks and my hiking shoes for the first time in 2016.

Our path veered off the well maintained Grand Concourse trails and into the bushes. Some feet were not so lucky as mine when it came to getting wet. We did manage to hook back up with the Grand Concourse again later in our hike.

One area we walked in was barren and blustery with the wind. I love landscape like this. I thought the colours of lichen on the rocks would make for a lovely hand dyed colour way in some nice yarn.

And back down the hill to the Geo Centre we went. By this time, Youngest was begging DH and I in turn to get 'up' so rather than climb to the top of the hill and Cabot Tower, we angled back towards the car park and the van.

Happy belated Mother's Day 2016 my dear readers!

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