Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gone to the Dogs

On Crackbook Facebook, I am a member of Beagle Paws Rescue - CANADA ( or look them up at Beagle Paws). My sister used to foster for them for several years and, as we had a couple of beagles when I was growing up, the little brown and white and black dogs hold a special place in my heart. One of our beagles, Lady, could even fly (true story)!!!

This past weekend, DH was planning on doing more painting (we are painting the main level of the house and that would be the royal 'we' as DH is doing all the work) and as luck would have it, Beagle Paws was having a beagle meet up in Bowring Park to join all of their adopted and adoptable beagles en masse and to collect money to support the displaced animals in shelters across Alberta due to the disaster in Fort McMurray, Alberta. They needed extra dog walkers and I thought that would be a great way for the for boys and I to spend an afternoon out from under DH's feet and in the much appreciated sunshine (at least I'm pretty sure that's what that bright ball of burning gas in the sky was having had little experience with the darn thing of late).

The boys were ecstatic about the idea. As is likely usual for most children their age, they are desperate to add a dog to our family of seven - five humans plus two cats. DH and I are rather desperate too but are standing firm and waiting until Youngest is at least in school full time before we commit to the time, training and attention required for a new dog. So, we went out with strict notice that, yes, we were going to walk a dog and, no, we were not going to bring said dog, or any other dog for that matter, home.

Because I had the boys with me, we were paired with one dog who actually belonged to the organizer of the meet up. His name is Asher and he was a great little companion.

Asher loves people, other dogs and, especially, children. The boys were quite taken with him and didn't wander as far from me as they usually would in the park because they wanted to stay close to the dog. Asher probably didn't notice but he was a rock star to my three. There wasn't even any whining from Youngest to get 'up' with me as is usual at the end of walks/hikes these days (his wee legs are nice and strong but he doesn't seem to know that yet).

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon helping out the Beagle Paws organization although I'm pretty sure Asher did us most of the favour. Hopefully we can join along with another meet up again soon.