Sunday, December 30, 2012

October Catch Up (Will I Ever Catch Up?)

Since becoming a Mommy, there are two crafty things that I try to accomplish each year: a homemade, home decorated birthday cake and homemade Halloween costumes. I have not managed both each year but 2012 happened to be a good year on all fronts. And if you happen to be wondering how a mother of three boys five and under manages things like this, my solution is pretty easy: do with little to no sleep for a couple of nights. I've survived little sleep with three newborns over the past five years, I figure I can survive a few nights before a birthday/Halloween without too much difficulty.

First up, the big boys wanted to be bats for Halloween. Iain told me last Halloween he wanted to be a bat this Halloween. Naturally I waited until the final hours to make sure he didn't change his mind. He didn't. This coming year he and Aidan want to be skeletons. I'm starting their costumes tomorrow.

The bat costumes were a combination of this (love you, Kellie!) pattern for the top and inspiration from this costume from Pottery Barn. I bought inexpensive black jogging pants for the bottoms hoping that this would allow the costumes to last longer as they grow.

Initially I was going to make the wings out of fleece like the Pottery Barn version but, after a consultation with a friend at the local fabric store (it was a total fluke that we both happened to be there at the same time for an invitation only members sale event that totally worked out for me in the consulting department), A suggested chiffon for the wings and what a great suggestion that was as the wings ended up draping beautifully - perfect for flying boys!

An 'in progress' shot of the wings. Notice the free hand chalk marks on the section I cut?
One of the cutest bats EVER!
Aidan found the fleece too warm to wear jogging pants in the house. I love his little chicken legs ;)! 
Finn wore the costume I made for Iain on his first Halloween. 
The tail of this costume is STILL my favourite part! 
DH was away during Halloween this year. I was wondering how I would manage trick or treating with all three boys and giving out treats. Mom and Dad nicely volunteered to help me out with that and came to the house in time for me to bring the big boys out. Mom watched our door so that none of the neighbourhood children missed out on treats.

Iain was pretty cute about trick or treating. Historically we have only brought the boys to two or three houses because of their ages and our desire for them not to have too much junk food. At five this year, Iain was much more aware of what trick or treating meant (treats!) but still naive enough for us to get away with one more year of only going to a few houses. Our conversation:

I: Mommy, can we maybe go to three houses this year?
Me: You know what, Iain? I think we might even go to SEVEN houses this year.
I: Seven! Wow!

And he runs off to tell Aidan how they might get to visit seven houses this year. So cute. And if anyone is thinking that the boys got ripped off this Halloween, please note that they were also involved in two Halloween parties in addition to Halloween night. Their treat bags were bursting this year and that was only from two parties and seven houses. We will likely need extra treat bags next year.

DH and the boys usually carve the pumpkin but I had to step up this year. Pumpkin carving is reserved for Halloween day and that nearly killed poor Iain. He doesn't work well with anticipation and even telling him that pumpkins carved too early will 'sink' didn't prevent him from asking me every. Five. Minutes. For. Days.

At this point the boys could be heard saying "EWW! Gross!"
Everybody has a turn.
I think the finished product is pretty spiffy myself!

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