Monday, December 31, 2012

A Tale of Four Birthday Cakes

I am kind of working backwards through the Fall catch up. You don't mind too much do you?

Following along with the theme of making things for my children annually, I thought I'd post about the birthday cakes I managed to make for the boys this year. Seeing as I'm working backwards anyway, here are Finn's October birthday cakes first.

This is Finlay's first birthday cake eaten at his party at Grandma and Grandpa's
house in Upper Gullies. The pretty candle holder is the same holder used by DH and his
sister for their birthdays growing up.
Side view. 
Deer in the headlights look! This high chair is the same one that my
parents bought for me to eat my first solid food meals in. It is mostly made of
hard plastic with metal legs and works beautifully. I love that each of my boys
have had a turn in it.
We attend a playgroup twice a week and I decided to bring a birthday cake to playgroup so that everyone could celebrate Finn's first birthday with him. No one complained ;)!

The BIG cake. 
The colour is off but you get the side profile idea.
DH also wanted to start a new family tradition around Finlay's birthday: a bonfire. We all love fires and his birthday gives us an exact date to have one each year.

Sorry this one is blurry but apparently we were having too much fun to keep still
Pyro Daddy.
My boys. Notice they are all in shorts? We had such a warm Fall this year.
Now moving back to July... Iain's birthday fell before the boys big birthday party (which happened to fall exactly on Aidan's birthday this year). Therefore, Iain celebrated his fifth birthday day with a cupcake cake. He had been asking for a rocket ship birthday cake all year.

I made up the pattern. Not too bad for homemade.
Happy boys. TOTALLY worth staying up very, very late decorating for these faces!
I made a few of these...
Three days before the boys birthday party, I kid you not, Aidan decided he wanted a dinosaur birthday cake and it was the ONLY thing he asked for for his birthday. He got it.
Sadly, this is the only picture I have of Aidan's cake. A decimated dinosaur. 
Iain's pride and joy.
 What should I tell you about next?


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