Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Drive Back

On our way to the West coast we did the full nine hours (plus with stopping to eat and washrooms etc) in one day. On the way back we broke the trip up into two days, staying with my parents in Gander Bay for a night. They have quite nice camping facilities in their front yard too;)!

En route, we stopped into Corner Brook and had lunch at the Captain James Cook National Historic Site.

Then onward we pressed to Gander Bay. The next morning, we finally bought salmon fishing licenses for our boys (Eldest has been nagging since Christmas) at my cousin's shop and headed off to a salmon river where I got to go kayaking while the boys fished.  

It was a great day though the boys didn't catch anything. I am particularly proud of this picture: "A Boy Fishing".

Then it was onwards to home. I hope the movie above works. I haven't added on to the blog in so long I've quite forgotten how!

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  1. Patty the pics are great! I particularly like the lone boy fishing, the lighting is fabulous