Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Twenty Years is a Short Time

Twenty years ago today, July 12 , 2016, DH and I got married.

It was a time before texting. We had only just started using email and the Internet. In fact, DH fought with me to even put a line in to have the Internet when we were living in Goose Bay.

Fast forward two years and I was using email regularly. I finished my Masters degree in Social Work and would not have been able to do so by distance in Germany were it not for the wonders of email and access to the Memorial University library via the World Wide Web. I started my first blog.

DH shining his shoes.

DH was married in his MacQueen family tartan.

My dress hung in our family room in Upper Gullies.
It's amazing how much technology has changed the world since we got married. And how little has changed for us in some ways.

We still love to be outdoors and tenting. We still love to hang out together and with friends and family. We love introducing our children to the things we love to do and see how much they enjoy it too.

Vienna, Austria.
We love to travel and have just started travelling further and further with the boys. 

Trevi Fountain, Rome.
We love animals and still enjoy having cats. We miss our puppy Para terribly and might introduce a new canine member to the family in a few years.

Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Kangaroo Island, Australia.
Ottawa, ON, Canada
We have three beautiful boys together who in turn charm us and drive us crazy.

Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada
Upper Gullies, NL

East Coast Trail, NL
We still enjoy hiking and generally anything that allows us to be outside.

We love being back on the East Coast of Canada despite the weather sometimes!

Quidi Vidi, NL

There you have it. Twenty years summed up in a few pictures and a few changes.

Hon, twenty years isn't long enough yet;)!

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