Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Proof of Life

Hello out there! Helllloooooooo! It's me waving from a rather windy Newfoundland and Labrador front bridge (that's a front deck to you CFA's (Come From Aways)). And a special, SPECIAL 'hello' to M in Kingston, ON who tells me that one of the first things she does every morning is check out this blog for an update while she's enjoying her morning coffee. Bonjour, M!

I know I say it each time but where does the time go? Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to. With any luck, I'll have the opportunity to elaborate sometime soon. With any luck…

June: School and Grade One ended with a bang. I can't believe I have a seven year old! And I love his rock star hair.

I spent an inordinate amount of money decorating our front bridge (deck - see above). Total cost including furniture: $0.

Thanks for the gorgeous hand me down furniture, A!
Ah. Natural beauty.

July: With early July birthdays, the first week of July at our house is always a riot of birthday celebrations. It was a shark (Eldest) and pirate (Middlest) theme this year.

That's a capsized boat on the upper right. Eldest designed it
This is the second year that I've designed this cake. Middlest really
likes it.
Pinterest provided a wealth of ideas - like this
'fish and chips' sign.
The birthday brothers!

Onto August when we went on our big British Columbian invasion. I'm sure my in-laws are still in recovery.

We headed to Island View Beach almost as soon as we got off the

And here we are, right back at school again (today was their first day back!):

Youngest was NOT impressed by his brother leaving.
He asked where both of them were, when I said that
they were both in school he said "I need more brudders!"
Middlest was crazy excited!

Whew! That was a whirlwind ride. I'll check back again soon, K?

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